What’s happening at ECY this month..

We have a lot going on just now so I thought it’d be helpful to let you know what’s happening and when! Apologies for the lengthy post; there’s a lot to tell!

Edinburgh Yarn Festival

We will of course be at EYF! Their website is HERE and you can look up all the visiting info there. We will be in our usual spot next to Purlescence and Ysolda. I think as you come in through the the main hall we’ll be on your right hand side.

A few housekeeping notes: 

– We can take cash or credit/debit cards. There’ll be three of us on the stand, and I think we’ll all be able to process purchases at the same time, but we need to test it this week before we go. If we can’t then we will probably have one of us doing card payments and one of us doing cash. Our card reader is a little Shopify chip and pin reader – it’s exactly the same as our PayPal one but linked to our new website (which I’m going to tell you about in a mo). It offers text or email receipts, or the option to not have a receipt (evidence!) at all. 

– Many of you will already have customer accounts on our website and already be on our newsletter list, but we will be asking if you would like to sign up to the newsletter when we process payments as we can do it very quickly in our point of sale software. 

– We’ll have shopping baskets out for your use so please feel free to use them.

– Everything we sell should be labelled – yarn certainly is, so weight, yardage etc is all there at a glance. Prices will be displayed on signs around the stand for you to see at a glance too. The prices include VAT where applicable; we’re a VAT registered company.

– We have paper shopping bags for your purchases; if you’d like one they are free of charge.

What will we have with us?

(I will post an image-based preview of what we’re taking later in the week).

– New Milburn 4ply colours, so the full range of 15 shades will be on display. I have samples at I’ve made with them so you can see and feel how the yarn works up and wears (this is the case for most of our yarns).

– Hand dyed yarns – we aren’t taking our full range; I chose to dye huge quantities of a small number of bases rather than small quantities of lots of yarns. This means there’s a really good range of colours in the yarns we have prepared for EYF. Our Cottage Originals will be debuting; these are colourways that are one-offs of both semisolid and variegated shades. They don’t have their own names, just a dyelot number. As with everything they are limited in number – once they’re gone that’s it. Having said that I’ve loved some of them so much that I’m thinking of bringing them into the regular colourway range!

– Kits – we’re going to prepare some kits for you. Kits do take up quite a lot of space on the stand so we won’t do loads, but will make up a small core collection of them. However, we have the components to make up kits for many of our patterns, so if you’ve picked a pattern and yarn to use for it, please just ask and we will put it together into a kit. That would entail adding in the project bag and sachet of Soak, and putting  a clear bag. This is assuming we don’t run out of project bags, but fingers crossed!

– We’ll have lots of other stuff too – Yarnlings, patterns, books.. me I think that’s about it! 

I’ll just finish by saying we’re looking forward to seeing you there! For lots of tips and helpful advice on visiting shows, please see THIS post which I wrote about it. 

New Website

So today (Monday the 6th of March) we’ll be closing down our current website and moving over to our new one. The web address will remain edencottageyarns.com or .co.uk but you’ll see a different home page. For now I’m just going to say that I’ve tried to keep it similar-ish to the old website, and clear and simple to use. I’ll tell you more nearer the time.

In the meantime, from Monday the 6th of March until about Friday the 17th we will be closed. When you go to our home page you’ll get a temporary landing page – please don’t worry, this will become our new home page as soon as we go live with the new website.

The reason we’ve decided to do this is that we knew we’d need to stocktake before opening the new website anyway (our stock changes on a daily basis), and organising that whilst packing and stocktaking for EYF then unpacking and stocktaking again after the show, and getting it all photographed and online… that’s a lot of faff and I think best done offline so we can make sure everything i s correct before the new website opens to the public. We will actually have a day off after Edinburgh, and that week we will have another new addition to the ECY madhouse as Sparkles will be picking up her new white long haired German Shepherd puppy Yara, and she’ll be coming over to get used to being with us all! I love the idea of us four girls running the show, albeit two of them don’t have opposable thumbs. 😉

Next Update

At the moment it’s hard to think of anything past EYF, but I have started thinking about the next update. So far I’m just thinking it’ll be towards the end of the month as you might imagine, but I do definitely know it’ll include Bedale 4ply which we’ve not been able to get for absolutely ages. If you’ve not seen it before, it’s an amazing blend of baby yak and silk, worsted spun so it’s smooth with a tiny bit of fuzzy halo. I will also be dyeing Tempo 4ply, which is our superwash wool/nylon sock yarn. It’s what I made my Boxy jumper in (you can see that HERE), as it’s soft and smooth, and so very hard wearing. I’ve worked with many superwash wool/nylon blends over the years and this is easily the softest and poshest I’ve ever come across – that’s why I stock it!

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