New yarn: Falkland merino

We have new yarn! This is a new hand dyed base which I’ve had for a while but only recently had chance to dye up. It’s 100% Falkland Merino, with 400m to 100g. It’s a very plump, cushiony yarn – much thicker-looking than most of my other 4ply bases, and super-soft. 

Here’s one of each: 

I haven’t given it a proper name so it’ll be in the 4ply section of the website just named Falkland 4ply. The category will appear HERE on Thursday night at 7pm. 

Here are the dyelots I’ve created.. this is Meadow Rue: 




Frosty Fields – this has Misty grey and green shading through it:


Cromer Pier: 


And Hyssop:

I’m not sure when I can get more of this so for now it’s a case of get it whilst you can. If you like it though, I’ll dye more when I can. In the meantime: enjoy this last hand dyed update before Christmas! 

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