The final (for now) new shade..

…is one that I hope will bring some cheer and zing. It’s called Tea Rose and is a lovely soft apricot.

Since today is the final day of new shade unveiling (for now! Ooh!) before I carry on here is the link to the Milburn 4ply on the ECY website: HERE. IT’S HERE. CLICK HERE FOR YARN.

Moving on..


It’s hard with pastel colours because they can look really insipid, and that’s just horrible. So it felt quite risky sending off a carefully crafted sample skein of soft apricot and hoping that the dyer (the dyeing’s done in Britain by the way) would match it without making it horrible. And you know what, I think he did! I’m chuffed to bits with this shade and can’t believe that it’s translated so well into a mill-dyed shade. (It also goes to show that the nasty insipid pastels are totally unecessary!). In the image below you can see how the early morning sunlight lights up the ball but the swatch is in shade, so the colour looks cooler.


As you can see, Milburn 4ply is a lovely crisp yarn. If you’ve already used it you’ll already know, but if you haven’t – it’s crisp but soft, lustrous and has just the right combination of a bit of bounce and a bit of drape. It’s spun especially and exclusively for me and the wool is of course British (it’s Bluefaced Leicester). The silk just adds that little bit of extra lustre and strength – it really compliments the BFL fibre.


So this colour definitely doesn’t go with all others.. but it does go beautifully with some others, and is so worthwhile. Here it is looking great with a couple of original Milburn shades:

And here it is looking questionable..

BUT if you tune in on Sunday I will show you how beautiful it looks with some of the other new shades. In fact I’m going to publish a post full of colour mixing inspiration, so look out for it!


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