New colour number four is…

… very hard to describe, as it turns out.


It’s called Bramble, because of the pinky purpley shade you get on the edges of the leaves as they start to turn, rather than because of the fruit. And because looking at a picture of a bramble hedge, this colour stands out to me as pretty strong – it’s from the foliage and the stems as they’re a sort of pink/purple/brown shade. I’m sure some of you will know what I mean, and the rest of you will think I’m barking, but there we go.


Either way, it’s a pretty pink for people who don’t like/can’t wear pink (I fall in the latter group – my skin tone is awful for wearing lighter pinks).


I don’t know how percievable the light changes in the photos are, but just in case – the top two were taken in the cloudy afternoon light and these latter two were taken in the early morning light in the shade but on a sunny day. It’s amazing how much the light can change colours (which can make my job really difficult!).


This shade is another one that goes with a LOT of other shades. Do you remember yesterday I was saying that Autumn Fields goes especially well with one of the other new shades? Well it’s this one. This pink sits so well next to goldish shades.

However when you put it with Damson it’s like lupins:


And with Natural it creates a look that to me is very vintagey:


It also goes well with Steel and Night Sky though, in different ways:

And it goes well with tomorrow’s colour.. but that for now remains a secret.

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