New colour number two

As promised, here’s the second new shade of Milburn 4ply. I ended up waiting longer than quoted for these (it’s often the way with yarn), so by the time they arrived I was beyond excited, but nonetheless a bit anxious about the shades being an accurate match for the hand dyed samples I’d sent. I was delighted then when I finally saw them.

Anyway, this lovely denim-ish blue here is Estuary.

I’m so pleased with the softness of it.

Although we already have a blue Milburn 4ply (Night Sky), I really wanted a mid-tone one too. I wanted something that would softly accompany other shades rather than make them pop (because popping’s good but not always what you want).

Here’s how it looks alongside the original five shades of Milburn 4ply (on Sunday I will post a gallery of all ten shades interacting with each other; for now I’ll keep it simple with the new shades alongside the originals).

It goes with Night Sky and Steel in a lovely bluey palette, but with enough contrast for colourwork (well I think so!):

And it pops a bit more against Damson, Harvest Gold, and Natural:

This particular shade of blue with the Natural reminds me of crockery, somehow. I’d love to see the blue base with a sort-of swirly floral colourwork pattern in the cream. Kind of like Norwegian mittens.. if that makes sense?!

I hope it inspires you too anyway, and I’ll leave it there until tomorrow’s colour..

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