Shawl love: Masgot

This is Masgot by Justyna Lorkowska. It’s been at lots of shows with me over the past year (I finished it in Nov 2015) and had a lot of compliments. It has a simple construction, is fun and relaxing to knit, and it’s great to wear.


The yarns I used are: 2 x Milburn 4ply in Steel; 2 x Milburn 4ply in Natural; and 1 x Askham 4ply in Air for the contrast colour. Those are 50g balls by the way. You can find them HERE.

I would recommend using a stretchy edging method – I usually do for crescent shaped  shawls, and I just knit the first stitch twice (knit it, put it back on the left needle and knit it again). You can do this for the first two or even three stitches of any shawl edging if you want. As long as you’re consistent it looks fine, and means you can’t feel the edge against your neck (which I don’t like).

Look at that lovely cosy garter stitch! Justyna also has a triangular version of this called Kith.

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