Update preview: May 2016

Just a quick preview of what will be in today’s update, which goes up at http://www.edencottageyarns.com at 12 noon UK time. 

Firstly, we’ve not been able to get our superwash wool/nylon blend, Tempo 4ply, for absolutely ages, but finally it is back. Here’s one of each colour:

There’s everybody’s favourite: Titus 4ply. Here’s one of each colour:

Another one that’s returned after not being available for a while is Pendle 4ply, which is soft, squidgy merino. It’s technically machine washable, though I would really recommend that you try it. Here’s one of each colour:

I’ve also done a limited quantity of Langdale 4ply, which is our NON superwash treated pure merino:

Don’t forget that Milburn 4ply (Bluefaced Leicester/silk) works well alongside other drapey yarns such as BFL Sock, Titus 4ply, and Askham 4ply..

Surprise news: Would now be a good time to tell you I’m currently working on 17 new shades of Milburn 4ply, to be released later this year?!

I have dyed a small selection of Theseus Lace too (that’s merino/silk):

Look out for new colours as well, like Stonecrop (muddy blush), Vintage Ribbon (faded red), Starling (charcoal with copper and gold), and Cromer Pier (a handpainted variegated batch).

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