Pattern Feature: Caldbeck

With today being cold and grey again, I thought it would be good to feature a pair of quick crocheted fingerless mitts, which are cosy and cheerful, not to mention warm. So here’s Caldbeck, by the lovely Tracey Todhunter (we love her work!).

Here are some links for you firstly..

Pattern page on Ravelry

Buy the Ebook on Ravelry

Buy the single print pattern

Buy the print book

Yarn is here (Newly reduced – see my previous post – huzzah!)

And here’s the Lookbook (which is basically a book preview)


The yarn is Whitfell DK of course – that was what we featured in the Drift Collection – with the main colour being Misty Woods and the contrast being Steel. Firstly, Misty Woods is more saturated than it ever looks in photos – it’s a pain to photograph. Secondly, we do oly have a limited quantity of Steel in right now but I am hoping to get more. With being a lovely warm grey, it goes with everything, and softens the whole Whitfell DK palette.


Another key point about this pattern is that it is unisex. And comes in two sizes and lengths. So you can go for quick little wrist warmer-type fingerless mitts, or fuller and more smooshy fingerless mitts. The larger size sample mitts were perfect on David so I photographed them on him.


I really like the Charcoal Whitfell DK along with his purple jumper (wool, though shop bought) and blue jeans.


I’ll finish with some images from our photoshoot back in July.. we were in the Yorkshire Dales, not far from where we live, and I was wearing a summer dress for Turbine-photo purposes, and it was so cold that I kept my cardi and these fingerless mitts on after the photoshoot. We actually had warmer temperatures in December.. but anyway..


I look outside now (early Feb) and can hardly believe that everywhere will once more be lush and green again in a few short months.


Although I love the bleakness of winter, as I’m sure you’ll have noticed, I do also absolutely love wispy wild flowers and grasses of summer.


Brr! Must go find a crochet hook and grab some yarn..

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