Featured pattern: Warm Hearted

To welcome in the new year, in the most snuggly way, today I’m featuring Warm Hearted by Louise Zass-Bangham.

This beautiful blanket is part of Louise’s Knit Play Colour collection, and although the pattern calls for aran, this one is knitted in our cosy Whitfell DK (100% baby alpaca) in Steel, but on the same size needles as in the pattern.

The resulting blanket is drapey, but warm and soft. It’s just the right size to put over your legs and get your feet under. It looks pretty square to me – I haven’t measured it, but it’s a large baby blanket size I’d say, around three feet along each edge (since it covers my legs easily).

I love the texture on the edges as well as the lovely lace pattern.

We have a limited quantity of this yarn in this colour left. You can find it HERE. This sample used 9 x 50g balls.

In case you’re wondering whose those beautiful windowsills belong to, they’re Hilltop Farm‘s. We were there in December, tucked up warm and dry (when not out walking in the pouring rain) during Storm Desmond (of Cumbria flooding and Malham Cove waterfall fame). I highly recommend a visit!

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