Fairisle Friday: Rokeby

Today I thought I’d join in wit Fairisle Friday, with my Rokeby mitts. It’s that time of year, after all, don’t you think? 

These are rally simple – it’s just a classic houndstooth pattern, which means you never have to strand across more than three stitches..very convenient. 

I did somewhat overcomplicate things by adding in an optional flip top to the pattern though. 

You’ll need about 25g of each colour for the fingerless mitts, and abut 37g of each colour for the flip tops – although I think my samples here are all either small or medium so allow more for the large size.

These ones are done in Askham 4ply (baby alpaca/silk) in Air and Walnut..


These ones are done in BFL Sock in Steel and Fuchsia (which I think is more pink in real life – it looks quite purple here)…


And these flip-tops are done in Milburn 4ply (British BFL and silk) in Steel and Rust. I’m sensing a grey theme here.


A little discount to celebrate Autumn

From now until midnight on Monday, Rokeby is half price on Ravelry.. Just click buy now and it’ll apply the discount automatically. Happy knitting!

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