Featuring: Beulah

Today, as it gets colder and I dig out all my handknit hats,  I thought I’d introduce Beulah by Clare Devine, from our lovely Drift collection. Beulah is a simple and quick knit with the beautiful panel of detail on one side, which not only has simple cables and lace, but also helps shape the body of the hat. 

Also have you noticed the awesome crown shaping? I really want to put a bobble on my grey version, but had to get photos of it without first, as the crown decreasing is really eye catching.

Talking of the grey yarn, we are still waiting for the Whitfell DK in Steel to arrive – it shouldn’t be long now I hope. 

Here are some links for you

Pattern page on Ravelry

Buy the Ebook on Ravelry

Buy the single print pattern

Buy the print book 

Yarn is here (with 10% off when you buy 500g or more)

And here’s the Lookbook (which is basically a book preview)

Don’t forget we’ve also got a Driftalong KAL/CAL (#Driftalong) happening over on the ECY Ravelry group, and everyone is welcome.

By the way, if it looks a bit like I’m squinting in the photos, I was a bit – it was raining and blowing a cold wind, but also really bright, so it was difficult conditions for actually taking photos (we couldn’t wait any long though or it’d have delayed the book). These photos were taken locally in Yorkshire.


On location


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