Fuchsia Friday

Following my last colour-themed post, when I noticed more yarn/flower colour matching happening in the garden, of course I had to play again. This time it’s all about the pink.

First up.. The yarn is BFL Sock in Alpine (for Kathy’s Knits in Edinburgh) – it’s named for the bright pinks of many alpines, e.g. saxifrage, pincushion flowers, and… That being said I have none in flower right now (just given the saxifrage a hair cut), so here it is along with sweet peas:


Hydrangea (this one belonged to my Grandma and is older than me):

And begonia in a hanging basket (hence the awkward angle):


Moving on, here’s a super-pretty pink rose – Rosa Surrey; a ground covering rose that flowers abundantly from mid/late July onwards. I like it because it looks wild and naturalistic compared to some of the more showy roses. 

I took this two nights ago – just a quick snap for future reference. It’s BFL Sock (again for Kathy’s Knits) in Buddleja, Plum, and Damson.


Ok, I mentioned fuchsia, so here’s some Proper pink for you… This is Bowland DK in Fuchsia, with… fuchsias. The little one is a frost-hardy one. I suspect the other two are not. My favourite is the light pink one; how about you? 

This yarn is also off to Kathy’s Knits…


I got a bit creative with grabbing things from around the garden. I’m knitting with Askham 4ply in Blossom and again had noticed that it’d make a gorgeous palette. The honeysuckle was the last one – it co-strangles a philadelphus along with three other stranglers so it doesn’t produce a lot. 


And finally here’s the thing I’m knitting, for a pretty late #WIPWednesday 

It’s Quadratic, with monochrome stripes. Oh yes. 


And here endeth the pink post.

3 thoughts on “Fuchsia Friday

  1. This is a gorgeous feast for the eyes – thank you so much. It’s going to make waiting until Yarndale (when I can see, touch and buy your beautiful yarns) that much harder….

    Liked by 1 person

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