Sheep of Ireland

We were in Ireland (Valley of the Hare near Sneem – hugely recommended) last week.. There were lots of sheep, and I found myself sort of cataloging them. Yes, I know how to live. I shared some on social media but there are more, so here’s a gallery of them (including our fluctuating and naughty garden flock). If any are blurry it’s because they’re phone snaps. Enjoy!





















To finish, here’s a little mountain hare next to the house. I’d just seen a stoat dash past. I also saw a sea eagle, and lots of songbirds I hadn’t seen before.


4 thoughts on “Sheep of Ireland

  1. They are surprisingly different, aren’t they? You’d think a sheep is a sheep but apparently not. I wonder if there’s as much variance in their will qualities as in their appearance?


    1. I’m sure there is – some breeds seem a lot more chilled out and nonchalant than others, and I know that some have better mothering instincts and stuff like that. Some are more tame as well. One day I’ll have some and will be able to tell you!


      1. That was a bit of an auto correct fail. It should have said ‘wool qualities’ but it’s evident their characters must all be different too. 🙂


      2. Hehe, oops! There are also very distinct differences in the wool qualities! I find it fascinating, though I’m sure David’s family must think I’m so weird. 🙂


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